Perspectives and practical tips on parenting!

Have you ever noticed that your or your friend’s child always does the opposite of what his parents ask him to do? This happens because of their influence on their kids. Most of the parents are aware of the fact that their kids pick up their bad habits, but they cannot help it in any way. It’s a natural thing and there’s nothing wrong with it. Children are supposed to pick up the traits of their parents, good as well as bad. Life is all about attitude as everyone goes through the worst phase as well as the good one. It’s a challenging task to give your kids positive experiences of life on the low days. Parents should be careful of their attitude when their kids are around. 

Avoid favoritism or biases: 

Raising kids become even more magnified for every additional kid you have. Having a soft corner for one child over the other is quite common, and so it would take you some efforts in not showing favoritism.

Maintaining a reasonable perspective:

The most significant thing here is to be careful about it and maintain a reasonable perspective. Kids should feel wanted and loved by his parents, and this is the onus of the parents. Any kind of situation in which the children have faced favoritism, should not be repeated at all. The matters can become totally irreparable if this happens repeatedly.

Every child is different: Avoid comparisons!

You must have read this in all the mums magazines, that each and every child is different. While some children would be proficient in some subjects, others would be proficient in others. In case your children are inclined academically, it’s definitely something that they bore with. Some of the kids have a strong desire of doing things out of academics while others thrive to do the schoolwork. The parents who actually know their kids very well would have better chances of assisting their kids as they grow old. 

Importance of consistency in behavior:

If you are a regular subscriber of a mums magazines, you would be definitely aware of the fact that most of the parents understand and realize the importance of consistency when it is about enforcing rules and operational policies at home. The biggest problem is maintaining consistency. The parents would always agree as to how difficult the standards would be. Parents should learn to agree with each other because the kids would quickly learn if there would be disagreement between the two parents. 

Quite often the parent who is lenient does not want to strict, and the strict parent does not want to be lenient. So, actually parents are the problem and not the kids. Identifying and working on your problems, can actually ease your life manifold.