Is Your Toddler School-Ready

Pre-schools today have evolved as a stepping stone in a child’s early development and education. A child learns the basic skills including communication, reading, maths concepts, problem solving, interactive activities and cognitive and creative skills. Various child care centres follow play and learn approach where children play meaningfully. Play is a powerful learning tool and helps children implement what they learn in their classroom. The child is exposed to a holistic development. Their intellectual and social skills developed through various programs and interactions with other kids.
Enriching experiences that the child receives in kindergarten facilitates a seamless and effective transition to school. This also provides families access to assistance and support for kids with special needs along with resources and links to various community support services.
The teachers in a kindergarten build on the learning enthusiasm by coming up with projects that encourage children to explore, think and delve deeper into their areas of interest. Early childhood education motivates children to think, recognise language and use their fine motor skills through, art and craft, play, music, dance, movement and interaction with other kids. The whole idea is to help children become effective learners, extend their communication skills, sharpen their reading/writing skills, build their self-confidence and positive responses to learning, learn to be creative, and develop advanced thinking skills that facilitate learning in a fun way. For more information about this kindergarten you can go here for more details.
Music and dance are great tools for kids to learn to tap into their creative skills and also to develop their power of reasoning. Art and craft, painting, and colouring encourage experimentation, imagination, spontaneity, and confidence and also help kids use them as non-verbal means to communicate and express themselves. A teacher who teaches kids is responsible for exposing young children to the world of learning. By teaching the kindergartners basic concepts such as personal hygiene, reading, arts and music, and science, among other important skills, the teachers prepare the children for the higher classes of elementary school and aspects of life beyond the educational framework.
The teachers teach the kindergartners how to conduct themselves individually and in a group. Their task is to keep the entire class engaged, whether playing a game, working on a science project, eating together or reading a story to the group. The teachers should be able to recognize if a child has developmental, behavioural or emotional problems and coordinate with the parents to chart out a plan of action in order to ensure that each child gets the same attention and education opportunities as other children in the class. Let your toddler stretch his/her imagination, explore and learn in a fun way. As parents let us make their journey to the “big school” happy and stress free.