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How Newborn Senses

Newborn babies are so sensitive because they just come out from womb where there are no germs, no pollution, no sound nothing the most peaceful place in the whole world, but they come out they need time to settle in the world. Even though when they are in the womb they have the ability to hear and they hear whatever their mother hearing they can sense it. According to research baby can sense everything whatever the mother does and eat or hear. So they are familiar with the world. When babies are born they have fully equipped with all the senses which are basic like hearing, smell, touch, and taste.

Aspects of newborn senses:

• Hearing:

This is the most common sense every newborn have, but there are some of the special kid who doesn’t hear anything by birth, they are an exceptional case. Most of the babies can here since they are inside the womb they hear everything and even respond to it by kicking their mother from inside or do any movement inside. Even when they come out in the world they can easily recognize their mother voice and the person who close to their mother while pregnancy. But the hearing test is not possible until kid grow up till the age of one year because at times kids don’t like to respond to everything. There are chances that kids are not able to hear which delay speech.

• Taste:

Taste buds develop at the period of fetal development. According to the research most of the babies like sweet taste over sour and bitter. Babies always prefer breast milk over any formula milk. Whatever the mother eats during pregnancy babies knows the taste and they remember the taste of the particular thing.

• Smell:

Babies have the ability to smell everything, they can smell their mothers easily and they are blessed with this ability by birth and they can sense the smell.


Newborn babies are sensitive to touch because they are used to live in a womb where nobody can touch them not even their mother and womb keep the babies protected. But when they come in the world mother and other people started carrying them in their arms they started learning about the world and their surroundings. Comfy love to dream swaddle up are the best for the newborn babies it protect them when people are holding them.

Nappies are the baby’s best friend when they arrive in the world because that’s the only thing what they wear. Huggies newborn nappies are the best for the newborn because they have made carefully and you can easily find Huggies newborn nappies at the nappy shop which is an online store.