Healthy Eating – Start Them Young

Being healthy is all the rage these days and the current social trend encourages healthy living though food and exercise. While this promotes an overall better and longer lifestyle, it can also be seen as an opportunity for us to inculcate this positive trend in the future generation. Healthy living is a good thing at any age, but the benefits of starting the new generation early on can make some drastic changes to the way they will live their such way to change the course of their life is by the food they eat.
Healthy eating is something that we all know is a good thing, however, sometimes what is healthy is not always tasty. However here are some treats to put in your kids lunch boxes that are not only heathier but also tasty. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, no question. Skipping it should never be an option and while cereal is always a go to, next time opt for a healthier peanut butter and banana sandwich. Both are high in fiber and energy and will give your child the boost of energy they need to get through the day. Juice is generally a staple most children and while a glass of OJ is high in vitamins, a combination of fruits and vegetables will not only provide for extra nutrients but it will also supplement his daily intake of veggies. Popular concoctions are orange and carrot, broccoli pine apple and watermelon. All of them contain the nutrients of veggies and the taste of fruits. Another popular healthy breakfast item is an omelet. Add some tomatoes and onions or try some spinach for the extra greens.
Another healthy option for kids is pasta which is high in fiber. While the traditional mac and cheese might be more comfort than healthy, opt for a mix of veggies such as tomatoes and carrots or just some plain tomato sauce. Even adding meat options such as grilled chicken or fish could do the trick. So instead of sending healthy snacks, opt for filling up you lunch boxes for kids with healthier option such as pasta. Another idea for a healthy meal is soups. Due to the dish being light yet filling, it is also an excellent portion controller. You can try combinations such as creamy tomato, potato, leeks and cheese and mushroom and chicken. A light meal such as this for dinner will prove to be beneficial if you are trying to bring your child’s weight under control. A healthy lifestyle is something that is beneficial to all but sometimes it can be harder to get used to the habits. Starting at an early age will only aid your child to adapt to this lifestyle.