Dressing Up The Figurines Got Us Through!

Growing up as a child, the best memories that we yield are the ones where we are playing with the tiny, small or something which we held dear to ourselves. Be it a girl or a boy at some point we have all come across figurines which would simply be best friends we could ever ask for. To start with, life was never this complicated because we could live without being completely dependent on another soul, other than being fed occasionally and having a change of clothes and throwing tantrums. Things were less complicated; the heart would not be noisy and always play with emotions, so objects were kind of the things we could really rely on.

Let your imaginations flow

The figurines became us because it had everything that we really needed at that point of time. They would be patient with us when we are complaining about the miseries of our simpler life, and we could have been anything we would have wanted to be. So, they were truly the ones we would love, at that point of time. And like any obliged lover, you are kind of interested to get them things to wear and so dolls clothes were something which we not only fun to make but gave us ample reasons to pamper our beloved figurines with. Stitching them with passion, allowing ourselves to run with the flow, and the assistance from the veterans helped us grow and got us through times when we had nothing to do. This would lead us to imagine and this would have and possibly has changed us in many ways.

Take a break from your hectic schedule

Dolls clothes are the summer hobbies we would take up to give ourselves time off from the hectic schedule of worrying about food, some school and maybe a little bit of sleep. It gave us a thing to worry about, which would make us want to feel like an elder, only if we knew that growing up is like the trick life would play with us, to trap us in this mesh-work of the struggles, hardships and whatnot. But it had also shaped our imagination and part of the mental struggle in ways by building concentration and letting us think of wild things. We are pretty sure, that while trying to cut out pieces for the perfect shape, it had got you nervous, worried and once this fine art was completed, it must have made you proud of your creation. Thus increasing concentration, helping with a self-reliability and making you proud, eventually, you made your way through your childhood and now you know how to struggle.