Are Baby Shoes Required Until A Certain Age?

Buying baby clothes can make a lot of parents excited and they’ll usually end up buying a lot of stuff that the little one won’t really need or won’t have the chance to grow. Baby shoes are the most popular article that parents buy in advance, even though pediatric medics state that they don’t really need them before they learn how to walk. Check out this helpful site to learn more.

Shoes are meant to protect feet when the babies learn how to walk, especially outside. Buying anything besides little soft sole baby shoes can prevent your little one from taking his first steps, making them uncomfortable and hard to walk in, being non-flexible.

Your baby’s first pair of shoes

Soft sole baby shoes are sometimes a parent’s first and best choice. These will replace regular shoes before the period of time in which your baby will learn how to crawl or even walk. Regular shoes have to be taken off when the little one starts to crawl or even walk, to prevent them from hurting their tiny feet from the stiffness of the shoe.

Shoes for walking

Comfort, price and sometimes style are some factors that have to be taken into consideration when you’re buying your toddler clothes and shoes. Skid-resistant soles are very important since they prevent your kid from slipping and falling. Correct sizes and not too small shoes are really important too. These kinds of soft shoes will allow your child the stability to walk around comfortable. 

Other fashionable walking shoes

When your child has grown, considering other types of shoes is a must, not necessarily because of fashion reasons. Velcro shoes, crocs and sandals and comfy and easy to put on/easy to wear shoes that allow your soon to be running around child the stability that he needs. Most kids will run away from shoes, preferring bare-feet instead. This is okay but be careful because your child now has learned how to walk properly, and more important, how to run. Broken toe nails, subbed toes or splinters are the end result if your child won’t wear shoes. Lace shoes are really good for older children with whom you have a hard time convincing to keep their shoes on, because they’re comfy and light and the kid sometimes forgets they’re wearing them.

It’s important, as a parent, to be prepared to invest a considerable amount into your child’s shoe wear. They tend to grow really fast and having a lot of different types of shoes will certainly leave you with a hole in your budget. It’s important to stick to the basics until a certain age.