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5 Benefits Of Breast Feeding

New mothers have to take a lot of decisions to make and one of them being whether they should breast feed their baby or not. Many mums are scared of breast feeding as they as are sceptical of whether the baby will be able to suck milk or whether there will be ample flow of milk from the ducts for the baby. Also, they are apprehensive of the fact that whether it will hurt the babies or not. Also, many mums experience irritation while they breast feed when their baby grows some teeth.

Problem of inverted nipples

However, breast feeding is always the best for the babies. The benefits are huge. If you have the problem of inverted nipples because of which the babies are not able to take the milk, you can try supple cups inverted nipples that will help to pull out your nipples, making it easier for the babies. If you have problem of breast feeding your baby, you can also use breast pumps

Nutritional benefits

There are nutritional benefits of breast feeding. Beast milk is nutritious for a baby as it is far superior. While you breast feed, you are providing all nutrients to the baby from your body like amino acids, fatty acids, lactose and antibodies. It is known that breast fed babies is less susceptible to illness when they grow up. Use supple cups inverted nipples if the milk does not come out naturally when the babies suck them.


Breast milk is safe only if you make sure that everything is sterile beforehand, otherwise the baby may get sick. However, with breast milk, it is naturally sterile. Many feeding techniques are unsafe, but breast milk is always safe. However make sure that your breasts are clean and you do not intake much caffeine.


Breast milk is cheaper compared to other feeding formulas. For bottle feeding, you have to spend extra for bottle, bottle cleaner, synthetic nipples, milk powder, etc. Babies need a lot of food, so you might have to buy many boxes of milk powder every week.

No allergies

While babies are bottle fed, they often become allergic to milk. They might cry or be sick after you feed them. However, breast milk does not cause such allergic reactions. In breastfeeding, they babies can get gas from something that you just had for snacks. So, just burp them and stop eating it.


Breastfeeding ensures that the babies get food at the right temperature. Too hot or cold milk can make them sick. Too hot milk can burn them. Breast milk oozes out at the right temperature. So, you do not have to worry about the temperature of the milk.